Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Warning- Heavily pregnant lady rant

So here I am, week 39 of pregnancy number three. I'm not going to lie and say that it has been a bed of Roses but after the devastating and soul destroying hyperemesis I have had a pretty easy time. The nausea still gets to me at times and i have odd days where I really feel unable to do anything. As I'm so close to the end I thought I would note down a few things to remind me to never be tempted into another pregnancy!

1) The breathlessness. One of the first symptoms of my pregnancy was being out of breath, I have remained this way throughout...I'm even out of breath from sitting.

2) Anaemia. This probably effects number 1, low iron levels making a body under strain even more exhausted. Couple this with the awful tablets which mess up your insides and Anaemia really does suck.

3) Swollen feet. Yup, my right foot in particular is fond of pooling with water. At the moment the only shoes I can wear are flip flops and after wearing them solidly for a few days I've discovered they do more harm than good in not support the arch of my foot and I now limp.

4) Dry Mouth. Throughout the night I wake with cotton wool in my mouth, despite drinking plenty. By the time the alarm goes off at 6am I attempt to unstick my tongue from the roof of my mouth and crack..every day for the last 9 months I have had a split lip.

5) Drooling. As if the dry mouth couldn't get any worse? It does, thanks to the excessive drooling which leaves my pillows wet and rather smelly.

6) Using the toilet. Too much, too little, too often, swelling, hurting and in the later stages feeling that your bits are actually going to fall into the toilet. Owww.

7) Sense of smell. The nearest I'm ever going to get to actual superhero powers is my sense of smell. I can smell everything a mile off, smells linger under my nose and paranoia kicks in as I can smell my own singular beat of sweat immediately.

8) Blocked nose. Yup..to go with the dry mouth, excessive thirst and drooling is extra nasal mucous to ensure that you begin snoring.

9) My temper. Hot/cold/happy/sad/angry..very very angry. Usually over something irrational but those emotions are real. Watch out.

10) The inability to sit/stand/lie in any position for any length of time without everything hurting or cramping.

11) Cramping. Legs. Hideous pain which wakes you in confusion at 1, 3 and 5am leaving your limbs feeling bruised and tender.

12) Midwives. Urgh, they are particularly useless in my area. They can only help between the hours of 9am and 5pm and have a tendency to ignore, not listen and try to coerce you into all sorts of medical procedures that are not necessarily needed.

13) SPD. From month 6 I've been in pain which has become progressively worse. Now at 5 days 'overdue' my left hip feels as though it is dislocating, when it begins to spasm I am left unable to move.

14) People. People have a great knack for making you feel inadequate when pregnant. Yesterday I was asked on 8 separate occasions when I was having the baby and why had it not appeared yet- this was solely through walking down my high street (which isn't much of a high street really, in a village). Of course, then there's the helpful suggestions like 'have a curry,' or jokes about using tools, how experienced they are in delivering live stock and the suggestions of what would happen if your waters broke on their chair/floor/car etc.

This is baby number three, and despite the Hyperemesis and now SPD it HAS been a good pregnancy. I am excited to meet my baby, I'm nervously dreaded and longing for labour to begin and I have enjoyed some aspects of being this pregnant. I still think to myself that at 5 days 'overdue' I can officially class myself as being 'rather pregnant.' However, this post is to remind me to never, ever, ever, ever consider having #4.