Friday, 23 January 2015

Here's January...why it's one of my favourite months.

Delicious fireplace

What's wrong with plain skirting?
Ahh January, welcome back. For most January is a time of little money, half-hearted attempts at kick starting diets and fitness regimes, dark nights and cold days. I, on the other hand, love January. I breath a sigh of relief knowing that Christmas is over and look forward to being able to think about something else for a change. My feet begin to burn with an itching desire to do something drastic.. (ish) in the past we've spent every penny that we had (or didn't have) buying a campervan, decided to get a dog, made decisions about learning a new skill like playing the didgeridoo or dropped out of university/college/new job. This year and I've out done myself- firstly we got a cat (to prevent our resident mice which has since back fired slightly as our cat won't do anything but follow us from room to room looking cute) then I decided to rehassle my other half about home educating, then I restarted my writing and made some baby essentials out of old clothes and then last week we began the living room. As you can see, the room is somewhat lacking in anything other than neutral and slightly odd splashed of pale colour. The highlight of the room is the fireplace, of course, a 1970's fixed feature which completely covers the open fire behind it. This is what I'm looking forward to....taking a hammer and smashing out all of my lovely pregnancy hormones all over that ridiculous fitting. I don't think I need to mention how I feel about the oddly painted woodwork or the polystyrene tiles on the ceilings. There's also a funny smell in there, a bit like somebody smoked in that room for thirty years and never bothered to repaper the walls.

The library has become the library/office/living room and our bedroom resembles a furniture shop with bizarre pieces all thrown together in one room thanks to our need to empty out the entire room. Still, at least I'm feeling motivated. One of those things that when you have it, life is fun and exciting but then one wakes and like a breath of fresh air it's disappeared. I don't remember being this mobile or productive in my last pregnancies. The first time I waddled as an obese whale with never ending cramps in my thighs, the second wasn't quite as bad although this may have been due to me having no time to focus on my ailments as I had a young baby to care for- I seem to remember insomnia, yes, I barely slept. This time, now that the Hyperemesis has eased I am feeling well. (Famous last words) I'm busy, productive, prone to severe emotional outbursts at times but mobile. It's all good. My baby is quieter too, this is probably due to my placenta being at the front blocking out some of the discomfort. Still, I am not complaining. I'm also cold,, my in-built Furness which fuelled me so well in my first two pregnancies is switched off. Even with my five layers, two scarves and hot water bottle I am still feeling the cold. Still, I do love January...with my swollen feet and everything.