Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year and all that Jazz.

2013 was an amazing year, in fact it was so good I really don't know how 2014 is going to top it. Unless of course the aforementioned (don't get me wittering on that tripe again) house move ever comes about...therefore I have come to the conclusion that this year I am going to be less about me and more about somebody else. My wonderful family always come first, of course, but alongside all of the social media twoddle about loosing weight, becoming superwoman and winning The Great British Bake Off, it is our duty, surely, as human beings with a conscious that 'others' should feature in there somewhere?

I hope you agree with me here, we are all so self obsessed in achieving our own milestones that we forget about the people who are unable to help themselves. I know, you're probably thinking I am suffering from one of those life-changing hangovers right now- has the heart of ice finally begun to melt- well, yes actually. The more involved I got with Christmas the more I felt a deep drive to help.

I don't know how this shall materialise, after doing some research on the good old t'internet I have come to the conclusion that helping is not that easy, for every charitable position there are usually more that one applicant and demand is high. Graduates, the redundant and those looking for a change in career are desperate for experience which is where the charity sector comes into play. It's great that these positioned are being filled, fantastic that so many individuals want to/need to help.

For me, spending time with my own family, watching my children's excitement build as the promise of St. Nick came closer made me realise how lucky we all are and how many children out there will spend Christmas alone, or in danger. I don't know how I am going to do it, but I will make a difference somehow. If I can bring safety to a child in danger, warmth to a child in the cold and support to those who are lost, even if it is only one child, then surely this is worth doing. Ok, enough of the bull- January is always a time of unrest for me- last year the bought a puppy, the year before a campervan, thee year before that learned the didgeridoo...perhaps something more worthwhile is on the cards for 2014.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas.  I know my blogs have become somewhat reflective and self-indulgent- there is a massive agenda of loosing Christmas weight, getting under the 28 minute 5k barrier, piano lessons, dog walking, baking disaster and a whole summer of festival previews and reviews to get through yet so keep reading, sharing and commenting. Thanks for the support all. Happy New Year 2014!