Monday, 15 July 2013

The true meaning of precious

Today my Son had a small accident on the living room carpet dropping something resembling a cow pat down the sides of his shorts. In panic, I shouted angrily, demanded that he went upstairs, grabbed some cleaning products and set to scrubbing my precious carpet. Now, let me tell you a bit about the history of our living room carpet- after saving up and persuading my husband to part with his laminate flooring (which for the record took four years) I became the happy owner of a new, fluffy and all round amazeball carpet. Yippee.

That cat again..

Within a month my cat lost her sight and got cystitis which equated in two puddles of cat wee in separate patches on the new carpet, well I say puddles, by the time we discovered the source of the unpleasant scent the urine was very well absorbed. Loosing her sight also meant that the cat struggled to find her way around and so repeatedly tried to open the door by digging up said carpet (cat's are not renown for their intelligence).

Then it was my turn...after months of repeatedly remembering and forgetting (at which most mothers are highly skilled) I still had not bought a rug to sit by the fireplace (you can see where this is going can't you?). Yes, I poked the log burner, out fell a huge lump of red-hot wood which split into nineteen (I counted the stains) different pieces and rolled onto said carpet. My world fell apart, I had destroyed my carpet, it was nobody's fault but my own, I sobbed for twenty minutes, I really should have bought that rug.

Lamenting the laminate

After the cat wee, the cat clawing, the log burn-ering, my precious carpet had lost its appeal. Lamenting the loss of my spanking new carpet to a blind car and my own carelessness today I took out my frustrations on my Son. My Son who is still potty training, who had a poorly tummy, who was not at fault and whose confidence in his own abilities I single-handedly destroyed.

Writing this was not easy. The guilt I currently feel will pass no doubt more quickly than it should. My point is that material possessions, the things we think are important are not. It is just stuff, it was just a carpet, a phone, some new wallpaper, a computer, the car, some jewellery... What truly matters is our family, the children that challenge us and how we react to them. For when the ones we love make us want to pull out our hair in frustration- this is the time when they need our love the most.