Monday, 22 July 2013

The measure of a vehicle.

On a primitive level humans have to judge other humans- are they dangerous, a threat, a sexual predator, trustworthy or in possession of suitable genes? It is important to be able identify encounters with others as safe or unsafe; a key factor for survival.

Today our situation has changed yet our need to judge remains the same. It is perfectly acceptable to be wary of strangers and to stay clear of those who are potentially a risk to oneself or one's family. Yet, in today's society our criteria for judging is not quite as clear cut.

Our desire to be publicly popular

A man pulls up in a rusty old banger, lights a cigarette and takes a swig from a can of Special Brew- chances are you judge this man for drinking and driving, a perfectly acceptable reaction as this could endanger you. A Vauxhall Corsa speeds past at 90mph with happy hard core blasting out of the sub-woofer- again you automatically judge the driver as an idiot charva and hope that a mobile speed camera is around the corner. Not a problem, you are using your judgement to access potential harm.

How about you?

Your new promotion comes complete with a spanking new company Range Rover, as you stop to fill up the tank you spot a lady you attended school with struggling to take the petrol cap off her shabby looking Ford- you immediately inflate yourself to being superior, yet instead of going to help her, catching up and learning about her life, you smile smugly and get back into your beast, conclude that you've 'done better than her', 'you've made it'.

Made what exactly? How do you know that your life is more worthy than hers? By what measure? Is there a chart I can refer to because the whole thing confuses the hell out of me. Yes, at times I get a bit jealous and my inner demon shouts out expletives; I've been brain washed into thinking that material possessions are a measure of wealth. They are not.

How do we measure success?

I've drifted point is that we are constantly judging others, which is natural, yet there are so many times where we are unwilling to change our point of view and accept that we are the one's with the problem. I'm no saint, I am guilty of letting my green eyed monster escape into my mouth and wreck havoc, yet I have also learned to reason why I reacted the way I did. Have I avoided going out with friends because they are more attractive than I? Have I avoided going swimming in order to not have my body compared with others? Have I stopped talking to somebody because their constant successes make me squirm?

These are my problems, my demons, my insecurities. Possessions and material wealth are not a measure of success or happiness. You've heard it a zillion times before that a man can have everything in the world yet this is nothing without love.

Overcome your demons

Love for family, friends and ultimately oneself is what allows us to be at peace. Happiness is the ability to change what we can and accept the things we can not. Today I am the richest woman in the world because I love and am loved.

In the words of The Beatles- All you need is love.
 (Please note, this is probably the only time I will ever quote The Beatles- the Liverpuddlians too big for their boots, totally past it, overrated with silly haircuts and ridiculously rich twerps ;-)

P.S- I am not a car buff and therefore apologise if I have offended anyone who owns the aforementioned cars, for the record I had a Corsa and a Ford in the past; currently I drive a rusty old banger.