Sunday, 7 July 2013

I'm back

So here I am back again after an non intentional but necessary absence. My excuse lies in the domain of University, I have now finally completed my degree in English Literature (cheerleaders feel free to jump around at this point).

So the question on everybody's lips is- What now? When I say everybody I mean everybody, everybody now expects me to go and do something, they expect me to reveal my master plan and at this point I shall let you into a little secret; I like millions of other graduates have absolutely no plan. There is no plan for the next fifty years Pinky, I shall not be taking over the world. Ok, so maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration as I do have a slight sway towards a career in writing but as to knowing what I am going to...or how to get there....or where to start is a bit of a blank.

SO I am back to blogging, I finally have the time, I have kissed goodbye to Shakespeare, James Joyce and Pat Barker and said a big 'Hello' to freedom (note that I use the term loosely as family commitments and housewife/mother responsibilities leave me with approximately sixty minutes spare a day) as throughout my free time I will be attempting to do the following:-

Plug, plug, plug me. Social networker here I am. Facebook, Twitter, Google+..I will be trying to publicise my work as much as possible so please share my posts and comment on my work.

Write, write and write some more. Aim one is to complete a novel, aim two is to get it published.

I am inspired to write and surf the net. I look forward to meeting this journey with open arms, not knowing where this will take me or whether I will ever actually need to use my English degree or whether it will lead to rags or riches but I do know that it is an adventure I am beginning right here, right now.

Watch this space.