Saturday, 11 August 2012

It all comes down to that chicken

I've done some pretty horrific jobs in my time, cold calling on doorsteps, cleaning chicken fat out of ovens, frying burgers and taxi driving to mention a few. I admire anybody who is able to hack these jobs for longer than a few weeks and empathise with the necessity of having to work long hours for little money to pay a few bills.
  For myself, the above listed jobs were not to feed hungry children, nor to fund me through university but to fund my socialite lifestyle whilst I successfully failed at university. A complete waste of time and investment for the university, McDonalds (One could be a shift runner in only six years) and my future career prospects. My time in this type of employment has taught me valuable lessons; firstly that a degree in Psychology was not the ideal choice for a dreamer with an imagination, secondly that copious amounts of alcohol and school nights do not equate in productivity, thirdly that one must attend university to gain a degree and fourthly that if I need some money I am pretty much willing to do anything to get my hands on it.
  Seven years down the line and I am on the final lap of my English Literature degree. After three weeks of research, over- thinking and cups of tea with cake consumption I have decided to use my imaginative dreamer qualities and peruse a MA in Creative Writing. Huzzah! Now I only need £4500 plus expenses to do it. Bugger! So in between writing begging letters and entering writing competitions I am working for a measly five pound an hour in a fridge picking the insides of trays brimming with crab entrails in between looking after my two lovely offspring of course.
  Returning home to my three year old daughter is always a pleasure as she beams radiantly at me, then flares her mini nostrils suggesting that I take a shower because I smell fishy. Don't get me wrong, I am glad for the work, for any work really, because if you truly want something then most of us mortals have to work for it. It has taken me countless jobs, several enrolments and twenty eight years to finally figure out what I want to do and I am not about to let it pass by. As a wise friend once said 'We can all fly as high as the dreams we dare to live- unless we are a chicken'...wise words indeed.