Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Reflective and perhaps a little sad.

Whilst watching the ever insightful Cbeebies this evening, I was struck by the odd message that seemed to be shouting at me via a polar bear and his 'new' friend the snow seal. See, the polar bear had a falling out with his best friend, the furry seal, so decided to make himself a new best friend (A seal shaped snowman). He quickly discovered that the snow seal didn't pull his weight, didn't play games, didn't talk, didn't move, wasn't alive... The polar bear soon decided that his real best friend was pretty cool (excuse the pun) and they made it up, the polar bear remarking that 'friends made out of snow are boring'.  
   This got me thinking about a friendship of my own that has become sour recently. I was a bit upset at the thought of somebody in the world thinking so ill of me, but when I analyse our relationship I discovered that it was always cold. The friend rejoiced in my sadness;always sharing anecdotes of their own more expensive, bigger, better experiences. I always left our meeting deflated. So, as our friendship hits a rock I am reminded by the wise words of the polar bear; that it was a cold relationsship, no warmth within a person rejoices at the sadness of others, nor boasts.. SO I must concluded that I am no longer sad, or at a lost. Friends made out of snow really are boring.