Friday, 15 July 2011

Where did T go?

I'm back on facebook. Darn you, you addictive piece of social networking you. Not only am I back on facebook, I'm also on Twitter and Google+. It would appear that I have come full circle and have now admitted defeat and become a buzzing bee of the social network.
 What brought this on? The launching, feet first into the self employed world of baby sign language. Me, yes me, the anti-child, has gone by mad. Not sufficed with spending 24/7 with my own two offspring I have decided to make a living out of it, and use my tuneful (if a little high pitched) set of lungs for the entertainment of children in Cleveland and North Yorkshire. I sometimes wake-up and wonder where my original self absorbed self has gone? The child-hating, beer drinking, party animal who would rather freeze outside Baja (A once hotspot of the Quayside in Newcastle) in a vest top than spend the weekend with her family.I have changed, that girl is gone. The beer is replaced by sugar free codial, the party animal for animal puppet gloves and the bouncers for bouncing babies. I'm all singing, all babies, all teaching, and all mummy and I can't wait to share it!