Sunday, 17 July 2011

Passive Printing

Does anybody else have a short fuse when it comes to technology? I can sit for ten minutes untangling a necklace, I can endure repeat episodes of Peppa Pig for at least an hour (10 episodes) and I don't mind hearing my dad's 'When I was in Cyprus you could fry an egg on the pavement' story at least five times annually but the one thing I can't handle is technology.
 I'm not talking about all technology but the two electrical devices that is every office juniors nemesis..the printer and the photocopier. Seriously though, it can't be that hard surely? Switch it on, put the paper in, press 'PRINT'- Where's the problem? Well- somewhere between those seamless actions is my ability to completely balls it up. The printer eats six pieces of paper at once, smoothing it's words sporadically across each of the sheets; rendering them useless. Then a shrill beep is heard as I'm informed that ink has run out, there's also a nasty crumpling sound as the printer chokes on it's A4 meal, suddenly theres a beeping, crumpling, noisy and now flashing printer monster absorbing my last dregs of humanity as I realise the collated documents I began to print thirty minutes ago are trapped indefinatley in the beasts mouth. I have to start all over again.
 Perhaps it's me, I don't have a way with technology. My husband manages perfectly well with the same printer, even my thirteen month old could produce a back to back copy, but My patience (and often my dignity) as I loudly sob  over the machine in some final hope that my magic salty tears and cries will be heard by some God of the office, completely disappears and I hit the offending object with the nearest blunt object, seloptape roll, stapler, chair.
 Rant over. Excuse me I'm terribly busy throwing a Hp psc 1215 out of the window.